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Welcome to my newly updated website. The original, now archived by the British Library, was inspired, created and maintained by the late Helen Lowe. This new version, developed by Steve Dowding, is dedicated to her memory.


New sections in development:

Links and resources provides a selection of links to groups, activists and researchers in related areas. In future it will be expanded to add background notes and resource materials connected to my research, including interview transcripts and scanned documents.

People  provides resources relating to individuals.

Helen Lowe: The page dedicated to Helen includes her obituary and links to some of her own writing and photographs. I plan to add selections from tributes written after her death by her friends and colleagues. If you have memories of Helen to contribute, please send them to me –  judy[at]judygreenway[dot]org[dot]uk – I’d love to hear from you.

Gibsons: This page relates to my research on poets Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne, and her brother Wilfrid Gibson, my great-aunt and grandfather. I plan in future to upload material on other Gibson family members, including amateur antiquarian and photographer John Pattison Gibson, and Michael Gibson, author of many books, and one-time art editor on the boys’ comic Eagle.


New capabilities:

As before, articles are sorted for convenience into the categories listed on the menu, with many articles appearing in multiple categories. Additionally, there is now a search function, so you can do a word search to find what you are looking for.

A selection of keywords and tags linking to articles appears in the word cloud on every page. For a more comprehensive search, use the search function.

For those of you who care about footnotes, all newly uploaded online articles have integral footnotes. (Online articles from the previous version of this site include footnotes in the downloads only.)

And you can now subscribe to be kept updated whenever new material is added to the site.


Articles added since the update are listed below.

Wilfrid Gibson: Poetry, Family, History.
Discusses Gibson (my grandfather) as poet in the family and poet of family, raising questions about the relationship between poetry and autobiography.

Speaking Desire: anarchism and free love as utopian performance in fin de siècle Britain Anarchists and others debate free love in theory and practice. What is the relationship between sexual freedom and social transformation?

Sex Bombs: anticipating a free society
Anarchism, homosexuality and sexual politics in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. (Review article)

It’s What You Do With It That Counts: Interpretations of Otto Weininger
‘How can one classify and label the different kinds of love?’ Discusses how  fin-de-siècle feminists and sexual radicals creatively reinterpreted Weininger’s misogynist theories to challenge restrictive categories of sex and gender.

Helen Lowe Obituary
Helen Lowe 1944-2011

More talks and articles are  in the pipeline. New additions will be announced here, so keep an eye on this page or subscribe if you want to be kept updated.