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New in August 2023: 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement articles from Catcall.

‘Strength will not come through hiding or minimizing our differences.’ Two articles originally published in the nineteen-seventies give an insight into some of the developments and political debates in the UK Women’s Liberation Movement at the time, while raising some issues still relevant to feminist and other social movements today. Censorship and Self-oppression (1976) by … Continue reading New in August 2023: 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement articles from Catcall.

Anarchism and the Women’s Liberation Movement

This 1977 discussion paper by Lynn Alderson argues for the relevance of anarchist ideas to autonomous feminist organising. It includes her new afterword contextualising and reflecting on those earlier debates.

Sexual Anarchy, Anarchophobia, and Dangerous Desires

2011. How are ideas of sexual and political dangerousness connected? How can we challenge the polarization between academics and activists, theory and practice, and find new ways of propagating ideas?
Preface to Anarchism and Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power, eds. Jamie Heckert and Richard Cleminson.

Censorship and Self-oppression

NEW UPLOAD! 1976. Difficulties in dealing with disagreements and controversy can lead to suppression of dissent and a ‘tyranny of virtue’ within some parts of the Women’s Liberation Movement. This article written in the Seventies has resonances for current debates. From Catcall 4, September/October 1976, pp. 2-6. London: Catcall Collective.