Links and resources

This section includes a selection of links to groups, activists and researchers in related areas. It also includes a selection of resource materials connected to my research.  Future updates will be announced in News.


External Links

Anarchy Archives is an online research centre on the history and theory of anarchism, with reprints of numerous pamphlets and journals as well as classic texts.

The Anarcha Library has a wide range of material on anarchist feminism.

Institute for Anarchist Studies

Kathy Ferguson’s site Emma Goldman’s Women documents little known anarchist women.

Robert Graham’s Anarchism Weblog has a range of historical documents as well as his own writings on anarchism.

Kate Sharpley Library preserves and promotes anarchist history.

Kate Bornstein gender anarchist, is the author of ‘My Gender Workbook’.

Lesley Hall writes on the history of sexuality.

Notches is a blog for anyone interested in the history of sexuality.

Carrie Reichardt is a renegade potter and craftivist.

Trouble and Strife: archives of the radical feminist magazine published in Britain 1983-2002.

Utopia Britannica describes British utopian experiments 1325-1945, with links to more recent utopian communities.

Corporate Watch investigates the social and environmental impacts of corporations and corporate power, providing ‘information for action’.


Peace News for nonviolent revolution.

War Resisters International

‘Don’t Be A Soldier!’ The radical anti-war movement in north London 1914-1918  by Ken Weller will be republished soon in an updated version. This is the 1985 version.

You, You & You! The People out of Step with World War II  Pete Grafton’s oral history
is a corrective to many mainstream accounts of the war, and includes  material from interviews with  conscientious objectors and anarchist war resisters.



Anarchism and the Women’s Liberation movement: This 1977 discussion paper by Lynn Alderson argues for the relevance of anarchist ideas to autonomous feminist organising. It includes her new afterword contextualising and reflecting on those earlier debates.

Anarchism and  Feminism: voices from the seventies: Women activists speak about anarchism, feminism and the interrelationship of the  personal and the political in interviews from 1977, with an introduction from 2014.

Michael Gibson Memoirs: First Books and War Work. Children’s author Michael Gibson remembers his early interest in aircraft, writing his first book while still a schoolboy, and his  war work in Gloucestershire as a technical artist and in bomb disposal.

Michael Gibson Memoirs: working for Eagle. Michael Gibson’s (unfinished) account of his time working as Art Editor of Eagle comic in the nineteen-fifties.

Michael Gibson: ‘Eagle’ Art Editor. Illustrated article from Eagle Times, Spring 1998,  about his time as Art Editor of Eagle comic in the nineteen-fifties.

Wilfrid Gibson: biographical information and timeline.

Wilfrid Gibson copyright information.

Wilfrid Gibson war poems: A small selection of poems written between 1914 and 1944.

Elizabeth  Gibson Cheyne on violence and war: A brief selection of anti-war poems plus aphorisms on violence, imperialism and oppression, written between 1904 and 1914.

Kitty  Lamb Interview Notes. 1980/81.Unpublished interview notes with activist Kitty Lamb (1901 – 1992) about her life and the development of her anarchist beliefs, giving insights into some of the shifting social and political groupings, campaigns and alliances of the twentieth century,  and her lifelong commitment to a better world.

War and Women: Manifesto of the Women’s Group of the Ethical Movement: 1915. ‘In this dark hour we – a group of women in the ethical movement  … are compelled to speak a word of protest and of hope.’ Speaking out against World War I, women freethinkers call for the inclusion of women in attempts to bring about peace.

Lilian Wolfe – Lifetime Resistance: 1972: ‘I think I was born an anarchist, and events in my life just enabled me to realize that that was what I was.’  Interview with 96-year-old Lilian Wolfe, lifelong anarchist, pacifist and war resister, by Sandy Martin, Stratford Women’s Liberation Group.

Tom Keell Wolfe interview: 1981. ‘I didn’t know I was the child of unusual parents.’ Tom Keell Wolfe, the son of anarchists Lilian Wolfe and Tom Keell, talks about his parents, war resistance, life in the anarchist colony Whiteway,  and friendships with Emma Goldman, Sylvia Pankhurst, George Orwell and others in this unpublished interview from my archives.