‘Eagle’ Art Editor

This article by Michael Gibson, discussing his time as art editor of Eagle, was first published in Eagle Times, Spring 1998.  Thanks to Will Grenham (for Eagle Times) who made scans of the article and allowed me to reproduce them here. I hope in future to upload a fully searchable and accessible version.

Michael also wrote a longer but incomplete account of his time working for Eagle.

Obituary of Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson: First Books and War Work
More about the Gibson Family.

Copyright: This work is copyright and reproduced here with the permission of Eagle Times and the Estate of Michael Gibson. For further information please contact judy[at]judygreenway[dot]org[dot]uk .

Key Words: Eagle, comics, publishing, nineteen-fifties

People: Michael Gibson, Marcus Morris, Ellen Vincent


Eagle art editor page 1


Eagle art editor page 2
Eagle art editor page 3: British Birds illustration

Eagle art editor page 4: illustrations for Rustlers of the Firth and Wayside Wonders



Eagle art editor page 5: illustrations for Wiggle and Bossy
Eagle art editor page 6


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