New in June 2018: A selection of poems by Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne, plus biographical information.

Although poet and feminist Elizabeth Gibson (later Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne), was a prolific writer, publishing some forty books of prose and poetry, her work is very difficult to find. As I discovered doing my own research, there is hardly any publicly available information about her. As a step towards remedying this, I have produced two new pages about her: a selection of thirty of her poems,  and a brief biographical outline, with a timeline and list of publications. I have also added two anti-war poems from 1907, ‘The Sacrifice’ and ‘Brothers’, to the existing page Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne on Violence and War.

I am still in the process of researching her life, and have published a number of articles about her which are available on this site. I  hope these new additions will be useful, and I would be glad to hear from, and share information with, anyone who has come across her in the course of their own research.