New in April 2015: Michael Gibson remembers teenage authorship, bomb disposal, and Eagle comics

Michael Gibson (1918-2000), a prolific children’s author, was the art editor of the Eagle comic during the 1950s.  As his niece, I became the lucky recipient of a gift subscription which, arriving earlier than the copies in the shops, made me the envy of my schoolmates (especially the boys). Towards the end of his life, Michael started to write memoirs of his own childhood and his life as a writer, but died before he could finish them. I have now uploaded some edited extracts,and  illustrated them with material from his own collection of books and ephemera. In future I plan to upload further extracts covering his childhood, as well as examples of his own artwork for comics, book covers and story illustrations.

New Uploads:
Michael Gibson Memoirs: First Books and War Work. Gibson remembers his early interest in aircraft, writing his first book while still a schoolboy, and  war work in Gloucestershire as a technical artist and in bomb disposal.

Michael Gibson: working for Eagle. Gibson’s account of his early days working as art editor of Eagle comic in the nineteen-fifties.

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