New in March 2015: additional resources on Wilfrid Gibson

Last summer the Sunday Mirror,  in an issue commemorating the outbreak of the First World War, printed one of Wilfrid Gibson’s war poems. The accompanying one-paragraph biography  contained seven factual errors. Though I managed to get these corrected in Mirror Online,  other misinformation about Gibson persists on the internet and in print.  He did not ‘come from the south of England’; he did not fight on the Western or any other front; he was a never a ‘social worker in the East End’. It would be interesting to track down the origins of such false statements, and to speculate why they persist. For now, in response to the increasing interest in Gibson’s war poetry,  I have uploaded some basic biographical information, and a timeline, in the hope that  these will be useful to students and others  trying to find reliable sources about his life. I have also added  information about the copyright in Wilfrid Gibson’s work.

I have also fixed the link on the Links and Resources page to Kathy Ferguson’s site Emma Goldman’s Women, which documents little known anarchist women. Please let me know of any other broken links you find on my site.

Coming Soon

Michael Gibson, Wilfrid’s son, became a writer of boys’ adventure stories, and also worked as the art editor on the boys’ comic Eagle. My next upload to the site will include some of his autobiographical writing about these and other aspects of his life.