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‘I was born an anarchist’: Kitty Lamb interview notes

2022 (1980/1981). Unpublished interview notes with activist Kitty Lamb (1901 – 1992) about her life and the development of her anarchist beliefs. They give an insight into some of the shifting social and political groupings, campaigns and alliances of the twentieth century as well as her lifelong commitment to a better world.

‘Eagle’ Art Editor

Illustrated article by Michael Gibson about his time as Art Editor of Eagle comic in the nineteen-fifties. Published in Eagle Times, Spring 1998.

Michael Gibson Memoirs: First Books and War Work

Children’s author Michael Gibson remembers his early interest in aircraft, writing his first book while still a schoolboy, and his war work in Gloucestershire as a technical artist and in bomb disposal.

Lilian Wolfe – Lifetime Resistance

1972. ‘I think I was born an anarchist, and events in my life just enabled me to realize that that was what I was.’ Interview with 96-year-old Lilian Wolfe, lifelong anarchist, pacifist and war resister, by Sandy Martin, Stratford Women’s Liberation Group.

Links and resources

This section includes a selection of links to groups, activists and researchers in related areas. It also includes a selection of resource materials connected to my research.  Future updates will be announced in News.   External Links Anarchy Archives is an online research centre on the history and theory of anarchism, with reprints of numerous … Continue reading Links and resources