New in November 2023: ‘A Poet among the Social Reformers’, Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne: Suffragist, Socialist and Freethinker.

True patriotism is a burning shame for our country’s injustice and wrongdoing’
— Elizabeth Gibson, 1908.
British poet Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne contributed to the ferment of new ideas about art, religion, poetry and politics in the early twentieth century. She was a suffragist, socialist and freethinker as well as a poet, and her social networks included artists, feminists, reformers and revolutionaries. I’ve just uploaded the text of a talk I gave at a Socialist History Group  seminar at the Institute for Historical Research, London, on 20 February, 2023. I’ve added notes and references, plus a new Afternote speculating about possible connections between individuals and groups in Britain and Chicago.

‘A Poet among the Social Reformers’ Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne: Suffragist, Socialist and Freethinker