New in July 2014: article on Wilfrid and Elizabeth Gibson, plus resources on Antimilitarism.

I’ve just uploaded my most recent article, Wilfrid and Elizabeth Gibson: Art for Life’s Sake? Politics, Religion and Poetry. Committed to ‘Art for Life’s Sake’, both poets wrote about suffering, injustice and social responsibility. Similarities and differences in their beliefs show in the form and content of their work.

And as the commemorations of the First World War approach, I’ve added new items  to the Links and Resources page relating to antimilitarism, pacifism, and anarchism. Here’s a sample, drawing on materials from my own research:

Wilfrid Gibson war poems: five poems written between 1914 and 1944.

Elizabeth  Gibson Cheyne on violence and war: a brief selection of anti-war poems plus aphorisms on violence, imperialism and oppression, written between 1904 and 1914.

War and Women: Manifesto of the Women’s Group of the Ethical Movement: 1915. ‘In this dark hour we – a group of women in the ethical movement  … are compelled to speak a word of protest and of hope.’ Speaking out against World War I, women freethinkers call for the inclusion of women in attempts to bring about peace.

Lilian Wolfe – Lifetime Resistance: 1972: ‘I think I was born an anarchist, and events in my life just enabled me to realize that that was what I was.’  Interview with 96-year-old Lilian Wolfe, lifelong anarchist, pacifist and war resister, by Sandy Martin, Stratford Women’s Liberation Group.

Coming Soon – relaunch of the NonViolence page last seen on my old website.