New in August 2022: ‘I was born an anarchist’: Kitty Lamb interview notes

I have just posted unpublished notes from two interviews with activist Kitty Lamb (1901 – 1992) about her life and the development of her anarchist beliefs. She participated in raising money for the Republic during the Spanish Civil War, war resistance in the Second World War, the campaign against capital punishment in the nineteen-fifties, and for nuclear disarmament in the sixties. She took the platform at Speakers Corner, and the stage in anarchist cabaret. Self-deprecating though she was about her own activities, these fragmentary stories illustrate her lifelong commitment to a better world, and give an insight into the shifting social and political groupings and alliances of the times.

The interviews were carried out at the beginning of the nineteen eighties, as part of the activities of the Anarchist Feminist History Group. The notes were never written up, and though the sessions were recorded, the current whereabouts of the tapes is unknown. What survives are the notes and a contemporaneous typescript of part of those notes. Rather than leave these gathering yet more dust among my papers, I have decided to make them available online for other researchers to use.

Time permitting, I hope to  add more such unpublished research material on my website in future.