Anarchists, Aliens and Detectives

Signed photograph of Detective John Sweeney, as printed on the frontispiece of his autobiography.First published in 2005, History Today, 55:12, pp.4-6. When an ex-anarchist sued an ex-policeman for libel, the trial became a melodrama linking anarchists, aliens and terrorists in the run-up to the Aliens Act of 1905.


Download an earlier, slightly longer version of Anarchists Aliens and Detectives as a word document for personal use. I plan to expand  this work in future and provide additional notes and resources.

Key Words: anarchists, law, libel, media, Official Secrets Act, Parmeggiani vs Sweeney, police, surveillance,  trial,  1905 Aliens Act

Key People: Luigi Parmeggiani, John Sweeney,