This section, under development, aims to provide a variety of resources about individuals. I will be adding material about others I discover in the course of my research.

Gibson Family

The Gibson Family page relates to my research on my relatives, the poets Elizabeth Gibson Cheyne and her brother Wilfrid Gibson. In future I hope to add information about their father, amateur antiquarian and photographer John Pattison Gibson. The page also includes material on Michael Gibson (Wilfrid’s son), children’s author and one-time art editor on the comic Eagle.

Helen Lowe

The page dedicated to Helen includes her obituary and  links to some of her own writing and photographs, as well as tributes written after her death by friends and colleagues. If you have memories of Helen to contribute, please send them to me: judy [at] judygreenway [dot] org [dot] uk – I’d love to hear from you.

Other People

In future this section will include an alphabetical list of links to pages on specific individuals.

  • Lilian Wolfe – Lifetime Resistance

    1972. ‘I think I was born an anarchist, and events in my life just enabled me to realize that that was what I was.’ Interview with 96-year-old Lilian Wolfe, lifelong anarchist, pacifist and war resister, by Sandy Martin, Stratford Women’s Liberation Group.